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Footnotes from the void is a collection of meditations and dispatches from Kuala Lumpur: pseudo-literary, rambling and always irregular.

If you wanted more background:

I started writing this newsletter back in 2018 when it used to live on a Tinyletter. At the time, I missed the days of writing in my terrible blog which used to live on Blogger but (I found out) no longer exists. Partly, these emails work like a fragmentary archive — if chunks of it live in other people’s inboxes, then the art can never really go away. Nothing disappears anymore.

“Footnotes” started as a system for building my own audience of readers, for work that doesn’t seem to quite fit anywhere. Everyone and their pet (literally!) has a newsletter, but I think there is something empowering about that. Something magical. Here, I figured, I could dump some Deep Thoughts(TM) and maybe some fiction.

You can still read the TinyLetter archive here, and I’ll recommend some choice favourites:

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Footnotes from the Void is a collection of meditations and dispatches from a life haphazardly lived in Kuala Lumpur.


Samantha C

Writer and educator sending dispatches from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.